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Aug 2011

Miranda is a warm and engaging presenter, who has appeared on BBC Radio 3, the BOZAR Podcast, and has fronted the National Gallery Podcast every month since 2006.

Specialising in art and culture, she has narrated countless museum guides, including the British Museum, the Louvre, Guggenheim Bilbao and Tate Modern.

As a professional voiceover (neutral/ RP), she has worked with the BBC iPlayer, Apple, Renault TV and Red Bull.

Miranda also runs Nightjar, an independent production company for radio, web and mobile.


BBC iPlayer Christmas Promo

A Christmas makeover for the BBC iPlayer Global Edition app for iPad, launched December 2011.

Click here for more voiceover samples.

Aug 2011

The long awaited BBC iPlayer Global Edition app for iPad, launched July 2011.

BBC iPlayer

Jul 2011

One of a series of demo videos for the Apple iPad 2, launched 2011.

iPad 2

Jul 2011 2 Comments

A feature on award winning florist Gilles Poitier, for Renault TV, August 2010.

Renault TV

Jul 2011 2 Comments

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